ZSO - Simple Prototype of Network File System Documentation

Grzegorz Wierzowiecki
2008-01 nr. albumu s4093
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Title: ZSO-SPNFS Binary Message Queues Three with Name Piped Root

Download & License

Download project ZSO-SPNFS.zip
License you can choose, what you prefer: GNU LGPL, GPL or BSD.

Brief description

This project consist of three parts: * Server of "Simple Prototype of Network File System" * Library with API reference, to let applications communicate with the serer. * Example application that uses that API.


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make help



More Info

Available server commands, you can find in ZSO-SPNFS_protocol_specification.txt and in init_hooks()
See also:
zsospnfs.h - library header file

service_client() - how server services to client

ZSO-SPNFS_hooks.hpp - Implementation of server commands

EntryEditor.cpp - Example Usage of Library

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